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At Basstan International office, qualified customs experts are there to process the customs clearance of all shipments being exported or imported into UK. With new laws and regulations being imposed on regular basis, it makes even more challenging than ever to trade internationally.

For every shipment either being exported or imported, it needs to be established every time that they are not in contravention of licensing or export / import controls and that duties and taxes, where applicable are paid.

Export Clearance (Commercial)-- In order to process export clearance, following is required –

Copy of Commercial Invoice
Company VAT Number
Commodity Code.

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In case you are unsure of the commodity, please contact us as we will be able to assist you. All we require is description of goods / commodity, finished or unfinished goods, what they are used for and lastly what they are made of.

Import Clearance (Commercial)--Import clearance is necessary for all goods entering in to UK. There is possibility that Duty and VAT will be applicable, although there are some exceptions, depending on the product and from where they are being imported. Following documents are required for import customs clearance –

Original or Express Release bill of lading

Commercial Invoice & Packing List showing details of supplier, description of goods and value.

GSP (Generalized Systems of Preference) & Certificate of Origin – if applicable. This will determine whether duty is applicable or not, or dies it have a reduced duty rate or fully exempt from Duty.

Commodity Code – If unsure of commodity code, we will assist you in finding the same provided you advise us description of goods / commodity, finished or unfinished goods, what they are used for and lastly what they are made of.

VAT Number. Export Clearance (Non Commercial / Personal Effects) –This is fairly a very straight forward process. All we require is copy of packing list with full details of contents, UK address proof and destination address & contact details.
Import Clearance (Non Commercial / Personal Effects) –You will require to fill customs form. Depending on how old the goods are, duty will be applicable.
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